About Us

Our Firm was established as Revsan in 1978 which is a private owned company and since then our company is serving to automotive industry.

Since the day of establishment our philosophy never changed and it is still the same, keep up the high quality and follow the same path to become the most wanted company in it ¬eld. In 1995 we have had completed every bit and pieces to become a limited Company and changed our name to Erbab Otomat Ltd. Company.

Erbab Otomat Ltd kept customer satisfaction as number one rule and have been working with sector giants such as Tofas-FIAT (we are delivering directly as an approved provider of Tofas-FIAT for 41 years).

We are also tier 2 supplier for most of automobile factories such as Ford, Renault, Opel, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and etc. Customer portfolio is increasing day by day. Our company has taken ISO 9002 certi¬cate at the end of the 1998. According to our customer needs we have taken ISO 16949 Quality system certi¬cate in July 2005. Every year, our quality system certi¬cate is renewed.

We also applied to get ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certi¬cates. According to quality system following the newest technology, machine and measurement control tools are always renewed in our departments and are continuously being improved in CNC workbench and measurement control departments. Apart from this we keep every kind of document information in digital mediums. We increase our machine park by purchasing different types of CNC and PLC machines day by day. We are strengthening our machine park by purchasing CNC Swiss Turnes, CNC horizontal and verticalmachining centers, CNC C and Y axis lathes, full automatic assembly machine, robotized CNC machine and measuring devices. ERBAB specifications from authorized suppliers that guarantee product quality and according to the customers request. We can machine bars from Ø2 to Ø150 that is used for production line by machining process .We will continue purchasing machinery, according to our customers’ need.

However we make our writings and share documents by using computers and electronic data interchange (EDI). Our Company name and our marks are registered by Turkish Patent Institude with mark registration certi¬cate. Our plant has, 3800 m2 production area and 1200 m2 administrative building area, in total 5000 m2 covered, which is our assets in industrial zone, Hasanağa Organize Sanayi Bölgesi.